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The School is housed in a 9000 Sq Ft Plot with 4000 Sq Ft Covered area for the school. The classrooms are well lit, airy and Air Conditioned during extreme weather. The furniture and playing equipment has rounded edges so that children do not hurt themselves accidently. The class rooms and toilets are sanitized everyday before the children reach school. There is adequate infrastructure for approx 200 children.


The Teachers & Assistants are in a healthy ratio of 1:10 and we intend maintaining this ratio to ensure proper guidance and care for each child.


The Children will be examined medically and for oral hygiene twice a year. The children will also be interviewed by a psychologist.

The empanelled doctors are:-

  • (a) Doctor Prashant Singh. (Dentist)
  • (b) Doctor Dushyant Gaur. (General Physician)
  • (c) Doctor Neerja Singh. (Psychologist)


With the growth of our pupil population, we intend to, initially, increase the school to class v and viii, and later expand it to our extended campus at Kalyanpur, Simla Road up to class xii. The curriculum followed will be recognized by CBSE. It will be embellished with add ons from the ICSE and IB programs to provide a well rounded curriculum to the students of the Three R’S.

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