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A Pre School is a place where children come to interact with other children and learn age related skills in a stress free and fun filled environment. It is the Child’s first step into the world of Education. The modern world is full of challenges and successful citizens of the future will have to be multi skilled. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right Pre School for the doyen of your eye, “Your Child”.

Every child deserves to be given unhurried time to explore his/her creativity and to develop an aptitude & attitude to life, which is positive and constructive. The potential of every child needs careful nurturing. We at the Three R’S School, provide the best quality education through researched and good high end learning modalities and techniques. The seasoned teachers and staff, mix the traditional methods and modern techniques eg audiovisual aids, customized print material and hands on activities , to make learning a fun filled experience.

The curriculum and methodologies cater to all intelligences of learning ie Visual, Musical, Spatial, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal Intuitive, Natural, Linguistic, Traditional and Logical/Mathematical. The play way method ensures that all these areas of skill development of a child are addressed without burdening them. We endeavor to provide a stress free, constructive environment for your child, to explore, learn and imbibe. Requisite emphasis is laid on discipline, respect for each other, and learning the niceties of life and social behavior. This is the Pre School for a child whose parents want their Child’s first step to be in the right direction.


The Vision of the Gyan Sarita Education Trust is, to nurture Children in an creative and homely atmosphere, with the aim of developing the mental faculties of the child to its optimum. The child must imbibe the tenets of modern education in the back drop of the human values and ethics of the Indian Cultural heritage.


The mission of the Three R’S is to provide a wholesome educational atmosphere, where children can acquire modern knowledge within the ambit of our rich cultural heritage and values.


The Three R’S School was established in April 2014, by Mrs Sarita Singh , an educationist , with 30 years teaching experience and Brigadier Samarjeet Singh, VSM, at 40 Ashwani Enclave, Simla Bypass, Majra, Dehradun. Their Primary aim was to share their Knowledge and life experiences with the children of the next generation.


It stands for Reading W(Silent) Riting and A(Silent) Rithmatics. In traditional communities, to cheek the educational background, the question asked was, “Where did you learn your three R’s?”. Mahatma Gandhi in his book, “My Experiments with Truth,” has referred to the three R’s. He has mentioned that a person whose three R’s are sound, will have a well rounded personality. The founders named the school “The Three R’s” to revive the culture of a strong foundation of children in these basic aspects of education.


It is imperative for the parents to know about the “Gurus” with whom their children are embarking on the most important journey of their lives. This practice was followed in our country in ancient times eg the renowned sage ‘Vishwamitra’ was chosen as the Guru for Ram & Lakshman. ‘Dronacharya’ was chosen to be the guru for Arjun and the Pandavas. The Gurus also had very stringent standards for accepting Pupils in their gurukul. Just as you choose a Doctor of repute to treat you, it is essential for you to know about the child’s teachers and you also have the right to choose. A brief introduction of the Founders, who will be involved in grooming your child, is enumerated below.

An alumnus of Mater Dei Covent, New Delhi, Bal Bharti Air Force School, New Delhi, Boys High School Lucknow, Besant Theosophical School, Varanasi, Colvin Taluqdars College, Lucknow and National Defence Academy Khadakwasla, Pune. The officer was an accomplished student and had an enviable academic record in school. He joined NDA at a young age after doing class 10th Board Exam. His quest for knowledge and education egged him on and he acquired six Post Graduate Degrees (including) MA. (English), during his illustrious military carrier spanning 37 years.

He has also been decorated with the Vishist Seva Medal, by the President of India for distinguished services.

<p>Samarjeet Singh

Samarjeet Singh

She is an alumnus of Bal Bharti Air Force School, New Delhi, Jamna Bai Narsee Monjee School , Juhu, Mumbai and Jesus and Marys College, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. She has taught in various school in the country , Bright Lands School , Dehradun (18 years), St. Josephs Convent , Bathinda (2 years), Nave Technical Institute, Shahjanhanpur (2 years), St. Anthony’s Secondary School, Fatehgarh (3 years), Raja Ram Mohan Rai Academy (4years) and Army Public School, Alwar (1 years).

She hails from an illustrious Pathania Family from Himanchal , where education and the profession of Arms were the two basic pursuits in life. The family by has produced a lineage of Generals and officers for the Armed forces in contemporary times, starting with her Great Grandfather, General Shankar Singh in the Army of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh.

The excellent grooming in the family and high quality formal education in the formative years, developed her as a sound multifaceted personality, with a very balanced view of life.

Her passion for sharing her Knowledge, life experiences and values with the future generations of the country led to the establishment of the Three R’s School

Mrs Sarita Singh

Mrs Sarita Singh

The importance of Guru/Mentors has been beautifully articulated by the profound philosopher Sant Kabir in a couplet.

” Guru Gobind Dono Khade

kake lago Paye

Balihari Guru Aapne

Gobind Diyo Bataye”

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